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The Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, as a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas South Central Community, seeks to improve the quality of life for the economically poor, especially women, children, and elderly, by supporting effective education, health care and social service organizations that have systemic impact and empow...
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Full Application Deadline
December 1, 2016

Grant Application Summary Cutoff
November 1, 2016

The Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation, Inc. is now accepting phone inquiries and Grant Application Summaries from agencies wishing to submit a full Grant Application for consideration on December 1, 2016. If you are interested in the possibility of applying, please review the How to Apply section and description of the Foundation's application process before contacting the Foundation.

Prayer for the Restoration of Trust

The recent violence and civic protest in Charlotte challenges all of us to confront the realities underlying the tension: the persistent social and economic disadvantages facing communities of color.

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Organizations located in western North Carolina that wish to make an inquiry about the upcoming November 1 Grant Application Summary deadline should contact Trish Mahoney, 828.281.8184, prior to those dates. To inquire about the November 1 Grant Application Summary deadline during the week the Asheville office is closed, please call the Foundation's main office at 704.366.0087.

Organizations seeking grant support must apply through the Foundation's grant application process.

JULY 15, 2016 - Sisters of Mercy of North Carolina Foundation Announces $1,000,495 in Grants to 25 Organizations.